Company Overview

Nile Solar (NS) was founded in early 2013 to establish small & medium business in the field of renewable energy, especially in Photovoltaic PV and Solar Thermal ST, to provide the Egyptian market with best economic & quality solar energy solutions.

NS Management have accumulate experiences with International companies in the turnkey projects of High Voltage Substations (ABB, SIEMENS, AREVA and Schneider Electric) in different activities such as design, procurement, site delivery, erection, testing and start up & commissioning and hand over to the clients. These experiences shall support NS to be capable to achieve the client demands with the best solutions to match their requirements

Why International Partners Choose Nile Solar?

We believe that we can be your partner / agent / distributor / sales point or Country Manager in Egypt for the following reasons:

1. As Engineers, We have solid work experience in purchasing & sales of industrial materials gained by working for large multi-international Construction & Engineering firms (such as: Oil production companies, steel manufactures, high voltage substations (SIEMENS, ABB and ALSTOM).

2. Our previous jobs took us to Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Spain) , USA, China, Turkey and Arabian Gulf States.

3. Hands-on experience in negotiations (prices, warranties, delivery schedules, payment terms, …ect) with techno-commercial activities requiring technical business and engineering skills

4. As seasoned executives, we know our way around the Egyptian business community; we have friends and colleagues in classmates in higher places.

5. We can add value for the final product, by fabrication the steel structure locally in Egypt , to increase the competition with other suppliers.

NS is working as Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and Maintenance Company in order to give our customers the integrated service through one sale point /shop.

NS is starting to build strong relations with the major international manufacture & suppliers of the first quality renewable energy products in the world.


• Nile Solar is working to enhance the roll of the sustainable development for our country by providing the customers with the reliable solutions for renewable energy.

• Nile Solar aiming to play an active to improve our environment and minimize using of fossil fuel and carbon emission.


• Nile Solar aiming to provide the markets with the most economical, efficient and visible energy applications.

• Nile Solar believes in the necessity to transfer the technology and work in a partnership with the major manufacture / supplier in each field

• Nile Solar dream is to power the world with renewable energy.